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At Impressions Concrete & Stone Inc. in Woodbridge, our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers. With our attention to detail and courteous team, we leave a lasting impression on our customers. See for yourself! On this page, you'll find a selection of testimonials from our customers, detailing their experience with our team. For more information on our concrete products and services, give us a call.

Exceeded All Expectations
I found that Impressions Concrete and Stone's team was phenomenal, their workmanship is remarkable and the finished look of my home exceeded anything that I imagined. Mike and his team demonstrated the utmost professionalism with my needs and met timelines to my satisfaction. I had flagstone veranda armor stone borders, approximately, 2,500 sq. ft. of stamped concrete and decorative walls. They provided me with results that complimented everything together that was needed in my design element. I would recommend Impressions Concrete & Stone to anyone that is looking to change the look of their exterior space. – Rose W.

A Touch of Class
We wanted to write to tell you what a great job you did on our new stamped concrete patio in our front yard. We love the design and the colour. It has really added a touch of class to our newly renovated home. We look forward to your work in our backyard in the coming week. Once it is all completed I am sure it will look amazing! Thanks again for a great job. – Santo and Rosemary C.

The Nicest Backyard in the City
Writing testimonials is something I usually stay away from, but I had to tell the story about Impressions Concrete & Stone.

When I was starting the process of looking at whom I should choose to spend my hard earned money with, I looked at many different companies and interviewed different sales reps, but nobody gave me a better comfort feeling than Mike did from Impressions. I guess he chose a great name, because he gave me the best impression from the start. Mike has very high energy with a huge passion for the design business, and his ideas blew my mind and shined from the moment we sat down and drew out the plans. He was honest and said "Josh, this is not easy giving a flat budget, because knowing what you want it's not going to be cheap, but I promise you that at the end of the project you will be a happy camper." Boy was he right! Of course price was important and I did go over budget, but I changed my mind after seeing all of Mike's ideas, and I am so happy I was able to have those ideas offered.

Mike gave me the nicest backyard in the city!!! His ideas blew my mind away and his work was perfectly executed… Samples of colours were made before it was poured and we did lots of different design details.

Mike would not let me do short cuts. We needed 4 ft. footings for the ­fireplace and 6 ft. stone walls because Mike said it was a must!!! Yes it cost more, but he was honest from the start. My fi­replace looks amazing and was done correctly with clay stone Herringbone design. It just looks stunning, landscaping with trees and plants, proper water directions were a must with Mike—no short cuts allowed!!! I also did a massive flagstone porch walkway (amazing.) Mike designed everything and guided me well. We spent tons of time at his suppliers and Mike did pass on plenty of discounts on the materials. Every day I would see Mike smile all the time; he was great with my kids as well!!!

Mike is the man and I would recommend him for custom jobs. I have spent 250k in total in my backyard so this was not a small project and I have had zero issues.

Looking at trusting a company to do small or large jobs? I would not think twice when dealing with Impressions Concrete and Stone. My outdoor kitchen looks amazing as well. I can't wait to enjoy my backyard this year for swimming, BBQs and fi­res with friends and family!!!!

Thank you Mike so much for all the hard work and the love you put into your work, it clearly shows!!!! Mike you deserve all the good things to come your way.

I own an appliance store "Best Brand Appliance" and I would never give a testimonial unless the company deserved it. Being in a retail business, service is everything. Impressions has all the tools and knowledge to handle any job, big or small. – Josh L.